• Regional Workforce

  • The SEK Business Park is a product of six counties but includes a potential workforce of a much larger area. Our Southeast Kentucky workforce outperforms the national average in gross product per wage. Twenty technical schools are located within 60 miles of Corbin, and programs can be developed to meet your individual training requirements for employees.


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  • Population by Counties

    Bell 29,544
    Clay 24,052
    Knox 32,527
    Laurel 56,979
    McCreary 17,354
    Whitley 38,142

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    For a look at the available labor pool statistics from the state of Kentucky, click here.

  • Southeast Kentucky Business Park is a regional partnership of Bell, Clay, Knox, Laurel, McCreary and Whitley Counties under the direction of the Southeast Kentucky Industrial Development Authority. Call (606) 523-6535 for more information.