• Regional Industries

  • Finding success in Southern Kentucky

    Many business and industries have made their home in our six county region of southeast Kentucky. Below are just a few of these successful companies.

    Aisin Automotive Casting LLC

    Aluminum engine components for the automotive market with 635 employees began operations in Laurel County in 1996.

    Firestone Industrial Products

    Produces air springs and employs over 500 people. They began operations in Whitley County in 1989.

    Wal-Mart Distribution Center

    Employs over 933 people and began operation in Laurel County in 1995.

    ACS Shared Services Inc.

    Provides data entry, clerical, scanning, and tracking services with 615 employees. Operating in Laurel County since 1965.

    Dura-Line Corporation Gas Pipe and Fiber Optic Cable

    Is located in Bell county with 170 employees. Dura-Line has been in Bell County since 1971.

    Computer Science Corporation

    Operates an inbound call center in Knox County with 425 employees since 1999.

    Truseal Technologies

    Produces sealants for insulated glass windows in Knox County with 280 employees since 1973.

    Outdoor Venture Corp

    Produces military tent systems and accessories in McCreary County with 199 employees since 1972.

    Clay Phillips Diversified Mfg Inc.

    Has an assembly facility with 94 employees in Whitley County since 2004.


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  • Southeast Kentucky Business Park is a regional partnership of Bell, Clay, Knox, Laurel, McCreary and Whitley Counties under the direction of the Southeast Kentucky Industrial Development Authority. Call (606) 523-6535 for more information.